12/101 Garling street, O’Connor, WA 6163

30 Remount Way, Cranbourne West, VIC 3977

Holiday Courses

Cranbourne West, VIC

Courses available

  • 5 Day continuous courses Monday to Friday inclusive 

Programs available

  • SWIM KIDS LEVEL 1: for children who are not independently mobile- will not float on front or back or swim independently without assistance
  • SWIM KIDS LEVEL 2: for children who are attempting freestyle arms and back swimming but who are not technically well coordinated
  • SWIM KIDS LEVEL 3: for children who can swim 5-8m of freestyle and backstroke but who have not mastered breathing
  • SWIM KIDS LEVEL 4: this level requires and assessment-please ring the pool to arrange a time
  • STROKE DEVELOPMENT/MINI SQUAD: requires assessment
  • INFANTS AQUATICS LEVEL 2: for ages 6 months to 15 months: parent/carer in the water
  • INFANTS AQUATICS LEVEL 3: for children who are preparing to transition to Swim Tots (without an adult carer in the water) under the instruction of the teacher

Course Fees

Fees for each program are in the schedules below.

Holiday Program Dates

5 Day courses

  • April 8-12: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Terms and Conditions

  • Fees are due within 24 hours of registration
  • We are unable to replace/make up missed lessons
  • Once course has commenced we do not offer credit for absences
  • Refunds are not available
  • Withdrawal from the program within seven days of the course start date incurs a fee of $25.00 per child.
  • Once registered, you may change courses in which your child is enrolled provided course fees have been paid. 



Email: cranbourne@theswimfactory.com.au

Phone: 03 8768 8520


Gain confidence, refine technique, boost skills and improve water awareness.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 6 changing areas
  • 3 showers and toilets