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Infants Aquatics

Cranbourne West, VIC

The Swim Factory Infants Aquatic’s program - located in Fremantle area, Perth - teaches infants aged from 4 months.  At the child’s side are ‘The Swim Factory’ instructor who is specifically educated in infant learn to swim, training and developmental needs and a parent or carer.


4 months - 3 years with parents in the water


30 minutes


Maximum 8


The Teacher is the facilitator using the parent to demonstrate to their child followed by the child practising the skills under the direction of the parent and supervised by the teacher. PARENTS MUST CLOSELY FOLLOW THE LEAD OF THE TEACHER AT ALL TIMES.

Infant Aquatics teaches basics of swimming including: feeling comfortable, building confidence, exploring the aquatic environment to gain breath control, learn to gently submerge, float independently on front and back, jump into the water, return to the side of the pool and swim unassisted for short distances on the front and the back.

Once children reach 3 years of age they progress to SWIM TOTS (or SWIM KIDS) without a parent in the water.

Special Circumstances

Missed A Class?
For whatever reason you miss a class please notify us ahead of the time for your class and we’ll organize a make-up class. Make up classes are valid for the Term you are in and the following Term provided you remain enrolled in the Program
Flexible Payments
Our ‘pay as you go’ option means you can arrange your payments to suit your budget. You must always remain two weeks ahead. Call us to find out more.
Start Anytime
Once you register you only pay for the lessons remaining in the Term.
Can’t find a class at a  time or day you would like to attend?
Not all classes are displayed on our web site. Please call to discuss what other options available