30 Remount Way, Cranbourne West, VIC 3977

Holiday Courses

Cranbourne West, VIC

Courses available

  • 5 Day continuous courses Monday to Friday inclusive 

Programs available

  • SWIM KIDS LEVEL 1: for children who are not independently mobile- will not float on front or back or swim independently without assistance
  • SWIM KIDS LEVEL 2: for children who are attempting freestyle arms and back swimming but who are not technically well coordinated
  • SWIM KIDS LEVEL 3: for children who can swim 5-8m of freestyle and backstroke but who have not mastered breathing
  • SWIM KIDS LEVEL 4: this level requires and assessment-please ring the pool to arrange a time
  • SWIM TOTS STARTER: for children aged 3-4 years who are not independant in the water
  • BREASTSTROKE-this requires an assessment
  • SWIM TOTS TRANSITION: for children getting ready to tranition from Infants Aquatics to a Swim Tots class without a carer in the water
  • SWIM KIDS STARTER CLASSES: for children age 5+ years who are not independent in the water

Course Fees


Holiday Program

Now Run by Vic Swim-please contact via the vicswim web site

5 Day courses

  • 4-8 January inclusive
  • 11-15 January inclusive
  • 18-22 January inclusive
  • Classes every half hour from 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Terms and Conditions

  • Fees are due within 24 hours of registration
  • We are unable to replace/make up missed lessons
  • Once course has commenced we do not offer credit for absences
  • Refunds are not available
  • Withdrawal from the program within seven days of the course start date incurs a fee of $25.00 per child.
  • Once registered, you may change courses in which your child is enrolled provided course fees have been paid. 



Email: cranbourne@theswimfactory.com.au

Phone: 03 8768 8520


Gain confidence, refine technique, boost skills and improve water awareness.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 6 changing areas
  • 3 showers and toilets