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Privacy Policy

Customer Parking

There is a Parking Plan on our website. The Swim Factory has 5 numbered and allocated bays at Unit 12, 101 Garling Street, O'Connor in the Fremantle area, Perth. Clients are requested NOT to park in any other bays for other units of 101. There is ample street parking available. Clients should park in the street and walk to Unit 12. Clients are asked to be considerate of other tenants and not park in Bays not assigned to The Swim Factory. Clients are reminded that the driveway is shared and extra care should be taken with children when coming to lessons.

Swim Lesson Clothing

All children aged 3 and over are required to wear a swimming cap. All swimmers should wear an appropriate costume and may wear a rash vest if required. Shorts, board shorts and tee shirts etc, are not allowed to be worn in class. Children should have warm clothing and footwear to put on after class. (click here to view frequently asked questions) For children 3 years and under see our Policy on Swim Nappies.

Swim Nappies

All children 3 years of age and under, regardless of their level of toilet training, or older children who are not fully toilet trained  MUST wear a double nappy. This means a child will need to wear a disposable, waterproof swim/aqua nappy covered by a reusable, snug fitting swim pants or costume in order to join a class.

Health Issues

All participants should be healthy and well enough to attend swimming lessons. Bowel movements whilst in the pool are a very significant health risk, which may force us to cancel classes and force us to close the pool. Cancelled classes may not be replaced. Any child who has a loose bowel movement should not enter any swimming pool for 7 days after all signs have disappeared. This is standard industry practice and supported by Government Health Authorities. Parents should ensure children have been to the toilet before swimming.

Illness is not compatible with sound learning and attendance at lessons when a child is sick (even sniffles and colds) puts not only the child’s health and safety at further risk but also the health and safety of other children and our staff. Children who attend lessons and who are unwell will be asked to leave the pool for the wellbeing of all concerned. Lessons will not be replaced.

Fees and Payment

Fees are payable by the Term in advance. Fees are due by the first day of each Term. Enrolment cannot be finalised until fees are paid. Pro-rata fee adjustments are applied for new clients enrolling after a Term has started. Places will not be held unless tuition fees are paid in full.


Swimming tuition fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.


The Swim Factory may use photographs of participants for teacher training, on our Facebook page and for promotional use. The Swim Factory will always seek your permission to use your child’s image prior to using it for social media and promotional use.

Medical Declarations

It is important the Swim Factory, its owners, operators and staff, have permission to treat or seek treatment for an medical emergency, in the case we are not able to contact a parent or carer. Parents must inform The Swim Factory if they do not wish The Swim Factory staff to treat or seek treatment under the above condition.

Parents should declare any physical or mental health issues, restrictions or conditions, which may impact on their child’s learning.

Release of Liability

As the legal parent or guardian I release and hold harmless The Swim Factory, its owners and operators from any and all liability, claims, demands and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by the participants and or those who accompany the participant while in or upon the premises under the control and supervision of The Swim Factory staff, its owners and operators or whilst travelling to or from the said premises.