30 Remount Way, Cranbourne West, VIC 3977


The Swim Factory is committed to providing the safest environment for you and your family. With this in mind there is a COVID plan in  place which asks for everyone to follow the following rules.


  • MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES by anyone of the age of 12 or above except during a lesson
  • Abide by the density limits
  • Do not attend our facility if unwell
  • Personal contact details must be collected and retained
  • Showers are not to be used
  • Change rooms and change cubicles are not to be used
  • Only toilets will be open for use
  • Use hand basins, soap and/or sanitiser after using toilet
  • Log in with the secure QR technology


  • Children with colds, runny noses, sneezing or upset tummies and diarrhea must NOT attend the facility
  • Shower at home prior to your lesson if possible
  • Children in Year 3 and above must be dropped off at door and collected after class (unless needing a carer)
  • All other children can have only one adult accompany them
  • Infants classes may have two parents who must adhere to 1.5m and 4sqm seating rules
  • When using change tables
    • use your own towel on change mat
    • wipe down with supplied sanitiser after use
    • do not allow a child with shoes on to stand on the change mats

Swim Factory

  • Adhere to government guidelines including limiting numbers in the venue
  • Staff have completed online Covid 19 Infection Control Certificate
  • Requiring people over 18 to check in
  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival
  • Separate entry and exit access
  • Provision of hand sanitiser at reception
  • Provision of a consistently clean environment
  • Regular disinfection of seats, teaching equipment and all surfaces
  • Ensure unaccompanied children leave facility with responsible adult
  • Maintain 1.5 separation of spectators
  • Maintain 4sqm rule for seating and maximum number of patrons
  • Ensure swimming equipment is cleaned and disinfected between use
  • Ensure staff are in good health

To help track any risk The Swim Factory is using a QR code that can be scanned by smart phones to log in to our facilities.