30 Remount Way, Cranbourne West, VIC 3977

O'Connor, WA

The Swim Factory in O'Connor, Fremantle area, Perth, was previously an industrial warehouse and has been transformed into a stunning swim school. Its quiet, almost cave-like ambience is calming and an added bonus for children’s learning.

Pool Water

The water temperature will stay between 30°C and 32°C (summer) / 34°C (winter), the ideal temperature for learn to swim, ensuring the children are comfortable at all times.  The pool has a constant depth of 1.1m, ideal for all ages and abilities.  It is 16 x 7.5m.  Filtration equipment is high spec and exceeds industry standards.  A computer controls the chemical levels to ensure optimum water quality.

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly design of facilities minimises water wastage. Water is captured from over splash from the pool and the air quality control system. After the water is treated, it can be re-used throughout the facility.  

Beautiful environs

We believe it is important to provide top quality teaching, but we also believe it’s essential children, parents and teachers enjoy the environment too.

The 387 square metre building features a 16 x 7.5m pool and the most design savvy observation area for parents, complete with coffee machine.

Our facilities have a fun, colourful, modern look and feel to help you and your child feel welcome.

The quality of the facility will be matched by the quality of instruction.

We have waved the interior design wand over The Swim Factory to create a welcoming, calming environment for kids and parents and carers. Whilst our main focus is on teaching children the life-saving skill of swimming, we also want people to enjoy the space and feel like it’s a place they want to come back to.
-  The Swim Factory, Fremantle area, Perth.